In Heaven at Go Green Expo, Atlanta

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I keep promising myself that I’ll start attending more green events so I can become better aware of new products, advancements and innovations as soon as they are on the market so I can share them with you. I had my first opportunity this past weekend at Go Green Expo in Atlanta. I was able to walk through the exhibit halls of the Cobb Galleria Centre at my leisure taking in all the great green products and companies that the city has to offer.


I was happy to see exhibitors from many companies that I recognized, like Kleen Kanteen, Simple Shoes and Wow Green cleaning products. But also learned about lots of great new products for the home and green living in general, as well as local retailers like ecoEmporium that focus specifically on green products. Mostly, I was just happy to be in the presence of so many people who truly care about the Earth as much as I do.  Thanks to my failure to pay attention (and failure to actually read the schedule instead of just giving it a cursory glance), I missed all the panels, including the keynote by actress and eco-advocate Mariel Hemingway, but I still learned a lot while I was there.


My husband and daughter went with me, and while spending three hours in any one place is tough for a 3-year-old, we had a really good time.  My daughter missed a chance to meet Captain Planet, and she was pretty disappointed by that, but there were other things to cheer her up. The highlights of the day? Sitting in an itty bitty Smart ForTwo car and a remarkably fuel efficient Honda Insight, and watching mini me attempt to climb a rock wall and cheering hubby as he reached the top. I made connections with reps from a lot of awesome green companies, and I’ll be sharing some of those with you in coming weeks.


All in all, I’m really glad we went, and I’ll be looking out for more green events to attend in the Atlanta area. Know of one that’s coming up? Feel free to leave it in the comments or submit it for consideration! And if you’re in the Southeast and at all interested in green living, Go Green Expo will be in Charlotte, NC from October 2-4. It’s worth seeing for yourself. You can see more of my photos from the event in my Flickr photo set.

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  • Avatar ACT July 3, 2009, 11:49 pm

    Thanks for posting info on the Target outdoor pillows! I’ll be looking into that. I also attended the Green living expo in Los Angeles. good stuff! I kept all the little brochures etc. I’ve been buying the PerfGoGreen doggy bags and trash bags (from walgreens). I think I am the only person on the block with green trash bags on wednesdays! haha.

  • Avatar gerry@green life now October 30, 2010, 7:56 pm

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