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A Bird in Hand: Recycled Hummingbird Bookends

hummingbird-bookend1It’s been a while since I’ve featured a fabulous, bird-themed find, but the lovely ladies over at TheGreenGirls have given me an excuse 🙂  Who could possibly ignore these beautiful hummingbird bookends? I love the “invisible” look of the birds attached to the books. If you’re trying to figure out how it works, a steel sheet is hidden inside the cover of the first and last books in your set, and the birds work their magnetic magic.

I have a plan to put some open shelving in my mother’s living room, and I can just envision a stack of hard cover books with these babies at the ends. Lovely!


Why It’s Green:

  • Made of recycled aluminum and finished with VOC-free powdercoating
  • Handmade in Mexico (sold in the U.K.)

Price: £32.50 (approx. $46)

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