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Literally Re-Cycled: Spoke Mirror from CB2

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As I revealed in a recent post over at Green & Gorgeous, for about 8 months, my family has been living without a car of our own. That has left me fascinated by alternative modes of transportation, from public transit to budget road bikes, scooters and more. So when I found the Spoke Mirror at CB2, it felt like I had met my match.

I’m generally not a fan of home decor made from recycled materials when you can clearly see the original purpose of the object. I tend to prefer recycled objects that, with a little creativity, became something more beautiful and more useful. This mirror, however, is the exception to the rule. It is just the kind of bold statement that will say to anyone who visits that “this is a green home.” And with a price tag under $60, it’s a statement you can actually afford to make.


I can imagine just it hanging over a fireplace. Beautiful. At 10.25″ in diameter, the mirrored surface isn’t very large. However, that’s not a big deal, because the statement comes from the wheel around it, which will vary in size due to its recycled nature. If you pair several of the mirrors together like the photo above, that statement becomes even harder to ignore. (And did you notice the bamboo pendant lamp hanging in to top left corner?) That’s what I call re-cycling!

Why It’s Green:

  • Made from reclaimed iron bicycle wheel

Price: $59.95

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