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Beautiful, but Not Very Green: Concerto Mirrored Bedroom Suite


As my husband and I search for a place of our own after several years of living with family members, I now face the task of remembering what we have sitting in storage. Suffice it to say our taste has changed quite a bit in the last few years. I’d like to think mine has become more sophisticated. For example, if I had known then what I know now, the hubbs and I never would have purchased a red sectional. Yes. I said it. A red sectional. Not a smart move, but we didn’t know better at the time.

Likewise, we purchased a large, old-fashioned bedroom suite complete with a sleigh bed, mostly because it was the most affordable we could find at the time. We have since sold that bedroom set and are living without much furniture. When we do move into our own place, it would be great if we could replace it with something much more stylish and timeless. It would be even better if we could replace our furniture with pieces from the Concerto Collection at Z Gallerie.

In the years since I really started digging in and learning about interior decor, I’ve always wanted at least one piece of furniture with a mirrored front. The entire Concerto Collection boasts this feature, backed by painted white hardwood. And to my glee, all the wood comes from managed forests where trees are replanted. Of course, there are some other issues that make me question the green credentials of this furniture:

  1. It is made in China, and “managed forests” over there often aren’t as well-managed as we’d like them to be
  2. Again, it is made in China, which means I’d have to factor in the carbon emissions of transportation
  3. I know nothing about whether the adhesives and finishes used in the construction of these pieces are water-based, non-toxic or VOC-free

I guess I could just go ahead and call this furniture light green — maybe even pale green. But I still can’t help admiring its beauty. Z Gallerie, if you can answer my questions, you still may make a customer of me yet.

Why It’s Green:

  • Handmade with wood from managed forests

Made In: China

Price: $399-999

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