See a Pillow, Pick It Up: Humble and Hammocks & High Tea

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If you’ve been reading Green Your Decor for any length of time, you probably know that I love throw pillows. They are an easy way to change the look of your space without doing anything too drastic, and they’re a great way to inject color in a room if you don’t want to take a chance on your walls or furniture (or if you’re a renter who can’t paint). It’s been a while since I’ve featured beautiful, handmade pillows, so today, I’ve got two great designers to share with you.



I learned about humble a few months ago, and I’m glad I rediscovered them while clearing my inbox. Humble’s pillow covers are incredibly simple, printed in vibrant colors on a natural organic cotton background. But simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Graphic silhouettes of seahorses, jellyfish and greyhounds in a repeating pattern make them appropriate for any room in your home, from living room to a child’s room, office or master. My personal favorite, the Embrace pillow cover, shown above, which is currently on sale for $15.

UPDATE: Want to see how they look in a room? I used several of them for an eco-friendly bedroom makeover for my daughter. Check them out here!

Why It’s Green: Handmade in the U.S. and sourced exclusively by American vendors. Printed on organic cotton with water based inks. Pillow inserts available in kapok fiber or bamboo.



Hammocks & High Tea

The pillows available from Hammocks & High Tea are similarly green and similarly beautiful, but completely unique and sophisticated. Designer Karen Young is a woman after my own heart. We share Caribbean heritage, and her culture shows in her work. The patterns are decidedly modern, but obviously inspired by tropical patterns and ikat and suzani textiles — exactly the type of style I love.

Why It’s Green: Hand screenprinted in Brooklyn, N.Y. on hemp/organic cotton blend fabric with water-based inks. Available inserts make of recycled plastic bottles.

Price: $50-90

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