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Batik Accent Pillows

Batik Accent Pillow

Batik Accent Pillow 2

If you are afraid of color, look away now. The Batik Accent Pillows by Tribal Fiber can be described as nothing less than attention-getters. Add one or two of these to your bed or sofa to make the whole piece come alive. The pillows are approximately 12″ square, so they are perfect for use as unique, funky accent pieces. Several styles and colors are available, all in lively prints. One side of the pillows is one of various batik print, 2 of which are shown above, and the other side is natural oatmeal color of hemp, which is used for the pillow cover. Hemp is a durable, as well as fire and mold resistant, and the fabric will soften with use.

Why It’s Green:

  • – Pillow cover made from 100% Batik Hemp
  • – Stuffed with all natural Kapok filling. Kapok is a natural, silky fiber obtained from the fruit of the silk-cotton tree and is used for insulation and as padding in pillows, mattresses, and life preservers.
  • – Sustainably produced by a village co-op in Northern Thailand
  • – Naturally dyed using flowers, leaves, seeds, bark and earth to create a vibrant range of colors.

Price: $16.25/ea. (aff)

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