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Mod Green Pod Now Carries Solid Organic Fabrics


Finding stylish organic fabric is becoming easier these days with the proliferation of companies like Mod Green Pod and others who all make beautiful prints that would make any home beautiful. Finding organic solids, however, is a slightly tougher task, particularly if you want any color other than “natural.” The ladies of Mod Green Pod clearly saw a gap in the market and started offering a wide range of solids not long ago.

They offer colors that are tough, if not impossible to find anywhere else, and for this I’m thankful. The new solids are: cherry, chocolate, earl grey, licorice, mushroom, natural, raspberry and water. And they do look just as tasty as they sound.

All I want is to find an organic solid in yellow, orange or green and I’ll be happy. Are you listening Mod Green Pod?

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 100% organic cotton canvas
  • Grown and woven in the United States
  • Uses non-toxic pigments
  • Mod Green Pod is a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA)

Price: $29.75/yard for solids

Bonus! Use coupon code “TOTELOVE25” and get 25% off all MGP organic cotton fabrics, vinyl-free wallpapers and tote bags. Exp. 11/15/09. I just used this code to order some of their gorgeous Aspire fabric. You’ll see what I’m using it for soon 🙂

UPDATE: I used the chocolate fabric to create an upholstered headboard for my daughter’s vibrant, eco-friendly bedroom. See how I did it, and how it looks in the finished room!

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