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It’s Cool to be Square: Bath Accessories from West Elm

Square Bamboo Bath Accessories from West Elm

Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to decorating. Once the fixtures are installed and tile laid down, there’s not a whole lot you can change. But there is a whole lot you can dress up. A toothbrush holder and wastebasket are bathroom essentials that are there to address specific tasks. But who ever said a workhorse can’t look good on the job?  These square bath accessories from West Elm are made of natural bamboo with a look and personality to match. A ragged white finish creates a stripe pattern that is both completely random and completely natural. And because the bamboo is in it’s natural state, there will be none of the “matchy matchy” look that comes when you buy every available accessory from that bath set you found at Wal-Mart. Use these 6 pieces to create a style that is uniquely yours, and prove that the bathroom can be the best decorated room in the house.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of bamboo

Price: $3.99-19.99

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