Soft & Subtle: Organic Blocked Paisley Bedding from West Elm

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I know that most people like to do a whole-house cleaning in the springtime, and I do too. But I have to admit, during this time of year when it’s cold outside, I get the urge to clean up, decorate and bundle up. Even if we didn’t have a brand new Christmas tree just begging to be decorated, I’d want to pull together the living room. And the bedroom is a must, given that most of our winter snuggling happens there. And oh, how I’d love to snuggle up in this Organic Blocked Paisley Duvet from West Elm!

In case it wasn’t clear from my paint color choices and my taste in…well…everything…ice blue and ice gray are my favorite colors. This color, called sea spray, is the perfect marriage of the two. It is relaxing and calming, and I love it!

Some people would opt for warmer colors during the winter, but I’m a believer that your favorite colors can work in any season, as long as you love it. This one is going on my wish list. Definitely.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of organic cotton

Price: $19-119 (aff)

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