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Green Gift Giveaway: Earthopoly Board Game


Green Your Decor will be offering giveaways from several retailers and manufacturers that were featured in the Green Gift Guide. The duration of the giveaways will be short so they can end before Christmas. However, prize delivery may not happen until after Dec. 25 due to the short time frame. Come back this week so you won’t miss any of these awesome giveaways!

We are starting to get back into playing board games at our house, my husband and I love to use the app for coral betting pretty often, but we also like to spend some quality time with the kids. Monopoly is one of our favorites, particularly because we have the newer electronic version that comes with “credit cards” and a banking machine. So when I discovered Earthopoly, by Late for the Sky, I knew it would be a great addition not just to the Green Gift Guide, but also to our family game stash.

Earthopoly, as the name might suggest, is patterned after Monopoly. You can still buy and sell properties like the Concrete Jungle, Coral Reefs or even Mother Earth. The big difference is that property values are increased not by adding hotels and other buildings, but by collecting Carbon Credits and exchanging them for Clean Air. And just like in real life, you are rewarded for actions like switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, and “punished” for actions on the opposite end of the spectrum. For example, you lose $78 when fill up your gas-guzzling car. That’s what I call sweet justice!

The premise of the game is fun, but it also serves as an educational tool. Each property deed comes with a “Go Green” tip. Some of the are obvious steps that most of us who are already trying to lead a greener lifestyle will already be doing, but let them serve as a reminder that every little action counts.

And to demonstrate that the message the game presents should not be taken lightly, check out the Why It’s Green list below to see just how far Late for the Sky has gone to make sure that the Earth was considered. I can’t wait until our next family game night so we can try this out! I think I’ll invite my nieces to play, too. They can’t help but learn something.

Why It’s Green:

  • Game board and box made from recycled materials.
  • Printed with soy-based ink.
  • Shrink wrap is a compostable plant-based product called EarthFirst PLA film
  • Game tokens are all made of natural materials. Any given box might contain a lima bean, a piece of crystal from Arkansas, a bamboo ring, a pyramid carved from black walnut by local woodworkers or a shell from Southeast Asian.
  • Made in the U.S. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • There’s even more! Click here.

Price: $24.95

(review)I received 2 Earthopoly games to review in conjunction with this giveaway.


Want to win?

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