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Holiday Inspiration: Christmas Tree Decor

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is getting to put up a Christmas tree. This year has been particularly special because not only do we have a real tree: We got to select it and cut it down ourselves from a local tree farm. I wanted to see what everyone else was doing for their tree decor, particularly for those people who opted for a real tree or a tree alternative. Here are some of my favorite submissions and found photos:



I thought I’d share with you the tree my folks have every year. They have a southern Illinois tree farm flock a tree for them. Flocking is a sticky white spray that turns the tree white. It’s old school. Lol. My mom used to have a tree like that when she was a kid. We all love it. We go to a lot of effort to get it…driving an hour each way to the farm! But it’s soooo pretty! My mom chooses a color scheme every year for the lights and ornaments. This year it’s blue.



Carol Hoenig put a special spin on her tree decor for a great photo: One is a tongue-in-cheek shot with some of my hats as “ornaments” since I’m known for wearing hats all year round. It’s a real hat tree! The other photo is the tree fully decorated for Christmas with my cocker spaniel, Scout.



Amelia, who owns a store called Green Alternatives, stepped completely outside the box for a “tree” that should really inspire you. It shows how a little ingenuity can turn almost any object into a Christmas centerpiece: My husband and I own an eco-friendly store so we practice what we preach. We just put up our tree and instead of cutting down a live tree, we used a ladder (literally). I know it’s not real, but it’s eco-friendly and is decorated with led lights to minimize energy consumption.

Sherry & John


Last, but not least, I have to feature the beautiful tree decorated by two of my favorite bloggers, Sherry & John Petersik from Young House Love. While they do have an artificial tree (bah, humbug…lol), I couldn’t resist sharing the way they decorated their tree. Rather than opting for just the standard holiday fare, they cut up and dried lemons and oranges, then hung them as ornaments. Aren’t they beautiful alongside their gorgeous orange and green balls? Love it! In fact, I think I’m going to try this next year. Read more about the Petersiks’ tree & Christmas decor here.

Want to see your tree featured? Submit your photo and story from now through Christmas Eve and I’ll add them to this post. Happy Holidays!

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