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I’ve Got the Blues: Indigo Shower Curtain from Viva Terra

bath-indigocurtainI’ve never been a “muted” kind of girl when it comes to color. Although I do love shades of gray and chocolate brown, I’m also not afraid of bright pops of color like chartreuse, orange or yellow. In fact, I need that kind of color to inspire me. So when I want fabrics dyed with completely natural pigments like clay or vegetable inks, I’m generally left wanting more color. There’s one exception to this: Fabrics dyed with indigo.

The resulting color is a rich, bold blue — almost black with hints of purple — that really makes my day. The Indigo Shower Curtain from Viva Terra is a perfect example of natural dyeing done right. I’ve been seeing a lot of indigo lately, and it clearly has become a decorating trend. I’m generally not a fan of trends, preferring to choose what I like based on my overall taste, but this is one trend I’d be happy to embrace. In fact, if I had my own home, other than getting a decent shower head first, I’d be very tempted to paint a bedroom navy blue just so I could hang this shower curtain in the adjoining bathroom.

And given that the pickings are pretty slim when it comes to organic shower curtains, this is a welcome addition to the small,but growing, list.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of organic cotton
  • Dyed with natural, plant-derived indigo

Price: $65 (aff)

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