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Pull Out Your Irons: Simple No-Sew Curtain Panels

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I am regularly inspired by decorating duo Sherry & John Petersik of Young House Love. However, it is pretty rare that I can put that inspiration to good use in my own home. So after my search for fun, organic window treatments for Ja’Naya’s room turned up only solid curtains and drapes, I decided I’d look for an organic fabric instead, and make the curtains myself. Except for one little detail. I’d never done it before. Ever. That, and I don’t own a sewing machine — yet. So imagine my joy when Sherry and John shared the steps behind their no-sew curtains!

Click here to check out another set of no sew curtains I made for my sunroom.


Rather than repeat all their steps, because I followed them pretty closely, I’ll just let you read them in detail at the Young House Love site. Here’s an abridged version:

  1. Measure your window for width and height of your panels. Add two inches to each side to accommodate your hems.
  2. Cut fabric to the correct length and width.
  3. Iron hems with iron-on hem tape or fusing web, which you can find at any craft or fabric store, or even Target or Walmart. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package, because different procedures are required for iron-on tape and fusing web. I used the latter.
  4. Iron the entire panel.
  5. Hang them with simple clip-on curtain rings (aff).
  6. You’re done!

It’s really that easy, but if you want the details, please check out Young House Love. As easy as this project was though, it reminded me just how much I hate ironing…lol. Still, I’m really happy with the way they turned out. You can see from the first photo that the clip-on rings give the panels a really nice fold and hang. You’ll see more of these curtains when I reveal the final room design soon!

I was fortunate enough to have in-kind sponsor Harmony Art send a few yards of their Let It Grow organic fabric, and I got pretty lucky for two reasons.

  1. Curtains generally require quite a bit of fabric — typically about 5 yards for a pair of 84″ curtains. But the 90″ width of Harmony Art’s fabrics meant I needed just 2.5 yards to make a two curtain panels. And…
  2. Harmony had exactly 2.5 yards of Let It Grow on hand to send me. Now that’s what I all fortuitous!

You can find most of Harmony Art’s fabrics at Near Sea Naturals, and discounts are available for bulk orders.

Disclosure: Harmony Art provided several yards of their organic fabric for me to use in conjunction with this room design project for my daughter.

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  • K. Rock March 24, 2010, 7:00 am

    That fabric is lovely. I love it!

  • Niamh April 8, 2010, 9:49 am

    Have just discovered Harmony Art today, her fabrics are amazing.

  • Amy Woidtke May 10, 2010, 8:26 am

    I thought I recognized some Harmony Art there 🙂 I love her designs. She has some newer, modern adult designs that are pretty sweet.

    Glad your girl is doing well with her treatments and you could give her such a pretty room thanks to some special donations!

    Continued blessings,
    EcoKind Design Interiors for Love and Romance

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