A Stylish Place to Stash Your Stuff: Housefish Modular Units

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Given that we’re moving from a 3-bedroom apartment into a smaller 2-bedroom apartment next week, I very easily could be losing my office space altogether. I am fortunate, however, to have a brightly-lit sunroom that I’ll be able to use as my workspace. This long, narrow space presents a bit of design dilemma. The first is where to put a desk, since the longest wall features 4 windows from corner to corner. With a fifth window on the other wall in one of the corners and a door in the other corner. Yeah. I have my work cut out for me.

The second is where do I store all my supplies: Paper, color pencils, folders and files, design books, etc. And where do I put my large & ugly, but necessary, all-in-one printer? I’ll be losing all the storage that comes with the huge, hulking desk I have now (which is too large for the space), and I’d really prefer not to live out of boxes. Not very stylish, and I literally can’t function in chaos. For me, chaos = stacks of unpacked boxes and a printer on the floor.  And so, I begin my quest for stylish, functional, eco-friendly storage. These modular units from Housefish are pretty close to perfect, in my mind!


They are modern and colorful, which sums up my style pretty well, and they are stackable, so I can use as many as I need — and I’m thinking I’d need about 3 of them. I could hide all my unsightly files behind the doors and even put my printer inside so I don’t have to look at it until absolutely necessary. This ability to hide stuff — particularly my printer — is exactly why a regular bookcase wouldn’t necessarily work. Even with bins and baskets, to contain everything else, the printer would still stick out like a sore thumb. I can just imagine the fun I’d have mixing and matching the door colors, maybe even going doorless on the top unit where I’d keep all my colorful (read: pretty) design books and magazines.

These units are available in 3 heights and two colors, so they can be customized to fit my needs, AND they’re also made of FSC-certified wood, so they fit literally every requirement I could throw at them but one: short-term affordability. Three units would cost me upward of $1500, which is definitely not in the budget right now.  That said, short-term affordability isn’t the major deciding factor for me here. Functionality, lasting value and sustainability are. I’ll probably have to start with one unit and work my way up, adding a new one whenever there’s a little breathing room in our monthly budget. But honestly, these are just the kind of pieces that are worth saving for.


They are incredibly versatile, so if, in the future, if I decided to use one in our bedroom as a TV stand, I totally could. I could see it used as a sideboard in the dining room, as a console table in a living room or entryway, or as fun, colorful storage in a child’s bedroom or playroom. The doors could easily be repainted to match the decor in any room. And if I’m going to invest a total of 4 figures for furniture, it is an absolute requirement that it be versatile and lasting. The type of pieces I can still imagine in my home 30 years from now.

So really, my search for storage has ended nearly as quickly as it started. Hopefully in the next few weeks, graphic design projects willing, I’ll have one of these babies in my new office space.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made in the U.S. of FSC-certified wood
  • Doors painted with a no-VOC powdercoat finish
  • Packaging is mostly recycled, completely recyclable and plastic-free (yay!)
  • Versatile and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime

Price: $419-698/unit

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