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Store Your Creativity: Art Box by Eastbold


Lately, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with the idea of stylish storage. Having to pack up a whole house will do that to you. It makes you take stock of just how much stuff you have and what you really NEED. And although we purged quite a bit, donating what is likely thousands of dollars worth of items that were just taking up space, we’re still going to have to get creative about storing the essentials since we’re moving into a smaller apartment. This art box storage bench is a good candidate to store all the family games and art supplies that we keep in the living room.

Right now, the games are stacked in a corner, and while it works, I’d love to hide them if I can. We already have an ottoman, so getting a storage ottoman is out. And this option would give our daughter a nice surface on which to draw and color, which she does a lot. And she could literally draw ON the surface since one side of the cover is dry erase and the other is chalkboard. I have to say…I’m really digging this idea.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made in Minnesota by Eastvold, a small furniture company
  • Made with ethically harvested (though not specifically FSC-certified) lumber
  • Formaldehyde free plywood is used for all cabinet boxes
  • Wood alternatives, such as bamboo, wheat board, or 100% recycled particleboard often incorporated into the construction of Eastvold’s cabinetry and furniture

Price: $377 (aff)

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