Green decorating tip: Use vintage furniture

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One great way to ensure that your home decorating is green and environmentally friendly is very simple: use vintage furniture. This tip was inspired in part by the Low Impact Living blog.

Keep in mind that “vintage” doesn’t have to mean it came from the 1950’s era. It can be as simple as shopping yard sales or asking your mother for your favorite chair from her living room when she’s ready to get rid of it.

There are numerous groups and organizations on and off the web that are dedicated to recycling and reusing, or at the very least provide a place where people can exchange items instead of sending them to the landfill. For example:

  • Freecycle: This network allows people to recycle their unwanted items by giving them away as freebies. Their mission is to be a “Network to promote waste reduction and help save landscape from being taken over by landfills.”
  • CraigsList: Need a couch? A mirror? Post your request on CraigsList and see what happens. Better yet, search the yard sale and other listings to see if your desired treasure is already available.

Offline, you can always patronize your local Salvation Army and Goodwill stores, and many other local consignment and vintage furniture stores. Maybe the piece you find will be made of non-recyclable material. But wouldn’t you prefer to have it end up in your living room than in the landfill?

Something to think about…

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