Green Room in a Box: Warm, Worldly Living Room

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I’m finally getting back into the swing of doing Green Rooms in a Box, with a new twist: I will select one item that inspires the look of whole room. It could be a painting, a vase, a blanket, or whatever. This first one is inspired by Viva Terra’s Butaca Chair, an eco-friendly take on the classic Barcelona chair. I love the lines and even the rustic coffee sack upholstery. For this room, I let the upholstery guide me — and this is where I wound up.

  1. Buddha Silkscreen Print Set |  $129  |  Produced by Fair Trade artisans in Vietnam using nontoxic dyes and techniques developed more than 500 years ago. Even if you aren’t Buddhist, you can appreciate the beauty of these prints. The colors feel warm and soothing, and feel like the perfect complement to the chair.
  2. Porthole Mirror Collection from Viva Terra  |  $369  |  Mirrors framed in naturally aged sustainable sheesham wood. (aff)
  3. Recycled French Bottle Lamp from Viva Terra, Amber  |  $439  |  Made of recycled, mouth-blown glass with a recycled paper or cork shade. (aff)
  4. Railcar Console Table by robrray  |  $850  |  Handmade of reclaimed wood from Times Square. The seller also offsets all carbon released during shipping through their partnership with TerraPass.
  5. Windows End Table from Terra Furnishings  |  $265  |  Handmade of sustainable, fast-growing Monkey Pod wood.
  6. Aurora Organic Fabric for curtains  |  $27/yard  |  I was dreaming of a bold navy pattern for the windows in the room, but I couldn’t find the perfect fabric. So, I made my own! This is a custom pattern I created just for this room. It has been uploaded to Spoonflower and will be up for sale soon!
  7. Cloverfield Sofa from EKLA Home  |  Call for pricing  |  EKLA Home furniture is made with 100% U.S. grown and milled organic cotton fabric and wool, natural rubber, organic cotton barrier cloth, FSC-certified frames and legs, recycled steel springs, and Safecoat no VOC stain.
  8. Dominique Deco Pillow by Les Indiennes |  $72  |  Fair Trade pillows made of organic cotton with natural dyes.Jute Braid Pillow Cover from Pottery Barn  |  $39  |  Pillow cover made of 100% linen with trim made of jute  |
  9. Organic Cotton Cable-Knit Throw from Viva Terra  |  $149  |  Made of organic cotton. (aff)
  10. Gus UpCycle Ottoman |  $425/ea.  |  Upholstered with repurposed Fair Trade coffee bags.
  11. Bamboo Plush Rug from Viva Terra, 8 x 10, red   |  $965  |  Made of bamboo. When used in this form, it’s eco-friendliness is questionable, as the process used to turn bamboo into fabric fibers is chemical intensive. I’m still trying to find a plush wool alternative.

The overall look is slightly worn, lived-in and comfortable. Something I could easily get used to 🙂 And I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Is there a piece that you’d like to see inspire a Green Room in a Box? It doesn’t have to be eco-friendly. It just has to be beautiful in it’s own way. Submit your item now!

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  • Avatar Lynn May 18, 2010, 4:16 pm

    I really like the navy accents. This room makes perfect sense, nothing to disturb the mood.

    • Avatar jennae May 24, 2010, 4:55 pm

      Thanks Lynn! It felt right, and I’m glad it feels that way to you too 🙂

  • Avatar clint griffon June 30, 2010, 1:28 pm

    im a fan of the choices of color

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