Shape Lusting: Reclaimed Hollywood Table by Eboniste


I thank God every day that my husband is an understanding man. He doesn’t complain when I spend hours looking at design blogs, going through retailers’ catalogs or browsing endless ads on Craigslist. He humors me when I get over-excited about some piece of furniture or other — even if he doesn’t like it. And he is actually entertaining idea of finding and refinishing furniture as an extention of the Green Your Decor brand. So I know (hope?) he will be completely understanding when I explain to him why I simple HAVE to have this table. Two of them, in fact.

It’s not just that the figure 8 shape is the perfect abstract representation of my favorite number. It’s not just that its made of reclaimed elm. It’s just that this table was made for me — plain and simple. I’m 100% sure that the designer of this table crawled into my brain, took a long stroll, then set up camp and started sketching. It represents everything I love in furniture. The curvy shape is a little Hollywood Regency, but the dark wood finish means it’s not too glam or fancy to be out of place with contemporary decor. And lets be honest — a figure 8 will never go out of style.

Seriously, I want this table.  My husband will thank me later.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of reclaimed elm

Price: $695

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