Before & After: Thrift Store Chair Turned Tree Swing

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One of the things I’ve always wanted in my home is a hanging chair. I think it would be the perfect place to curl up and read a book — which is something I don’t often have time to do these days. Still, as much as I love this idea, I never thought much about taking it outside — until I saw this makeover.


Jeni from Peppertowne Home is a woman with vision. Seriously. Somehow, she saw this $8 thrift store chair not just as a piece to refinish, but one to be completely reinvented. And reinvent she did. The after is absolutely amazing. Talk about creative reuse of an old piece of furniture!

And although we are currently renting, it still gets the wheels turning in my head. There is a gorgeous magnolia tree with thick branches just outside our bedroom window, where we sometimes like to hang out in the shade. I’m not sure how the leasing office would feel about it, but I would LOVE to hang a swing like this in that tree. Lucky for me, Jeni has posted a tutorial on making a chair swing — including detailed instructions on weatherproofing it. I really need to make the rounds at the local thrift stores.

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