Weekend Thrifting: The Refinisher in Me is Dying to Come Out

This summer hasn’t left me with a lot of time to go to thrift stores or yard sales (or do anything else, really), but I did do a little thrifting this weekend. That small trip solidified my desire to refinish outdated furniture for resale. Some of the gems I found, but had to leave behind:

thriftstore1 I fell in love with this cane back barrel chair immediately. Sure, it’s ugly now, but it would be really easy to reupholster, since the two cushions aren’t attached to the frame. I would love to see it painted yellow, or some other bright color, with a new fabric to bring it into the 21st century. I was THIS close to buying it, since it was only $20 and small enough to fit in my trunk. But alas, it was not meant to be.


As you can see in the photo above, the cane was breaking away from the frame in the back of the chair. I had no idea how to fix it and didn’t want to take the chance that it couldn’t be fixed at all.

thriftstore3Next, I stumbled upon this beauty. The finish screamed 80s, but it is solid wood, the drawer pulls are fabulous and the clean lines would make it a breeze (relatively) to refinish. I envision this one in a moody gray with the metal refinished in a matte silver and patterned paper lining the drawers. Can you picture it? My husband was almost as excited about this one as I was, and that’s saying a lot!

thriftstore4This side table must be the dresser’s cousin. It has similar lines and handles, although the finish of both the wood and metal are completely different. Again though, it was solid wood (no particleboard or veneer), and I loved the handles. They were, however, broken, and I knew it would take some digging to find quality tools and blades of the right size to replace them.

And last but not least, the piece(s) de resistance:


I LOVE this dining set, and it was only $80 for all 5 pieces. I’m sure this is because of how dated and grungy they look currently. But I saw waaay past that to how they “could” look. I had to take closeups of the table base and a single chair so you can really see why I was so excited.

thriftstore6All I’ll say is high gloss black and fabulous fabric. That glass top would be beautiful! I do wish the chairs weren’t on casters, but I could look around that one imperfection. The bamboo and cane strapping it all together was in excellent condition, with no signs or fraying or wear. But since I have a very small car, what did I bring home with me?

thriftstore7A $5 turned wood lamp to paint for my almost-complete office space (more to come on that later today) and a bronze duck that will get a spray paint treatment later this week. He’s a little lopsided, but he was too cute to leave at the store. Plus, he was only $2.

That dining set was single-handedly responsible for me calling around to storage facilities to find an inexpensive space where we can store our treasures until we can refinish and sell them. I definitely feel a new business coming on…

I’m linking to Southern Hospitality’s Today’s Thrifty Treasures Party. Stop by and see what everyone else found!


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