Doggie Daydream: Vail Trail Dog Mat

Vail Trail Dog Mat by Doggy Archy

You know that old saying “let sleeping dogs lie?” Your dog will never want to get up if you put him to bed on this beauty. My mom loves the idea of letting her dog rest in a comfortable spot under the window in her breakfast area where she loves to relax. But we also don’t like looking at her pillow, which is covered in the red Georgia clay that she brings with her when she comes in from a romp in the backyard.  So this great doggie bed would solve two problems: the fabric is a dark color so it won’t show as much wear and tear, and it is great to look at, so we won’t mind having it under the window.

This durable mat is made from heavy hemp canvas and washable, organic kapok filler. Kapok is a naturally soft material that contains none of the toxic chemicals present in the polyfill that is commonly used in pillows and dog beds. I imagine you’d want to protect your pets the same way you protect your children. And since my mom’s dog has a knack for ripping pillows open after a few months of use, I’d rather have her discover natural kapok fiber than end up with a mouth full of foam rubber.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made from 100% pesticide-free hemp fabrics (with a stripe of upholstery-grade hemp/flax blend fabric)
  • Uses down-like organic kapok filler

Price: $89

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