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Intro: One Million Acts of Green

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One of my few complaints about the word “green” is how commercial it has become. But like the term or not, it encompasses every aspect of sustainability in a way that most people can grasp, whether you’re talking about complex alternative energies or simply recycling glass and plastic. More than that, I love the idea that striving toward sustainability is something anyone can do. It is the reason I started this blog and the cause to which I dedicate my life and online presence. So when I see huge companies doing their best to promote the idea of going greener — not for financial gain, but for the greater good — it warms my heart. This is the kind of campaign to which I have no problem lending my voice.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Cisco’s One Million Acts of Green campaign. The premise behind it is simple: Get people to pledge to do at least one million actions to improve the health of the Earth and its inhabitants.

We hear all the time that we can all make a difference, and that every action is a step toward the greater good. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin or to see the impact your actions are really having. One Million Acts of Green can help you do that.

After you register or connect via Facebook, you’ll be able to pledge one green action, or many. They are arranged into categories to better help you find ones that are doable based on your circumstances and needs, including home projects, transportation and acts at school and work.

Many campaigns have done this in the past, but here’s what makes this one unique. After you make the pledge, you can sign in again to mark the pledge completed. You can also see whether the carbon dioxide reduction for each act will be high, medium or low. Once you’ve pledged, you can see the estimated amount in numbers. For example, if you avoid using disposable plates, glasses and cutlery, you’ll reduce your household carbon emissions by 12 KG. This way, you can see how small changes truly add up or focus on changes that will make the biggest difference, if you choose.

When you go to your profile page (mine is shown above), it will show the total impact of all the actions you have pledged and completed. So far, my actions are equivalent to:

  • 514 cars off the road for a year
  • 2427 trees planted
  • 89788 bulbs replaced

And I still have more pledges to make. This is a good kick in the pants since I’ve been wanting to get involved in more sustainability projects at my daughter’s school and in our community.

Take the time to sign up today, or just connect via your existing Facebook account. Then tell me in the comments below about your impact.

Green U

If you’re a green beginner, check out the Green U program, which is a shortcut to simple acts that anyone can do to make a difference.

Three to Green Giveaway

If you’re still not convinced that this is a simple, worthwhile program to take part in, here’s some extra incentive. Register and complete three acts of green, and you’ll automatically be entered in the Three to Green Giveaway. The prize? A $5000 shopping spree at This could give you an opportunity to make good on a lot of your pledges, like switching to nontoxic cleaning products, reusable shopping bags or stainless steel water bottles. And for every additional three acts of green you register, you’ll earn another entry.

I’ll share more about Green U and the giveaway next week.

Disclosure: Rockfish Interactive, in partnership with Cisco, has compensated me for my time on this campaign. All opinions and thoughts are my own, as always. For more information, please read my disclosure policy. (sponsored opp)

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