Grown Naturally: Rice Husk Planters

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Rice Husk Urn Planters from Sprout Home

I will readily admit that I am not the green thumb in my household. My husband is more at home with his hands in the dirt than almost anywhere else, and he has potted plants everywhere, both indoors and out. As soon as I saw these planters at Apartment Therapy, I knew I had to pass them along.

These colorful planters are made of natural rice husks. They have a textured glaze that makes them slightly retro, with a beautiful curvy form and saucer to catch extra water. Your plants will live a beautiful, healthy life in these pots. They aren’t very large at 6″ tall and a 6″ diameter, but the right size to allow you create a small, colorful garden collection.

They are available in five colors: natural, ebony, orange, avocado & mocha. I wish I had found these before Father’s Day. I think a set of 5 of these pots would’ve made my husband grin from ear to ear. And at this great price, you can afford to buy as many as your heart desire.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of rice husks, a natural byproduct of renewable, sustainable crops
  • Contain no harmful chemical or petroleum ingredients and deplete no natural resources
  • Decompose and break down naturally and can be composted

Price: $6.20

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