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One Million Acts of Green is picking up steam, with more and more people opting committing to make large and small changes to make their lives more sustainable. Since I signed up a few weeks ago, I’ve pledged, and completed, a bunch acts, and I have more on my plate to accomplish. I’m also feeling pretty competitive. I’m watching my global rank get higher and higher every time I complete an act, and I can’t help but wish I could eventually make it to #1. That seems a little unlikely since I’m currently #28871, but I can aim high, right?

And thanks to the One Million Acts of Green app, I can now pledge my acts directly on Facebook. If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on FB, whether you intend to or not. All of the information available at the One Million Acts of Green website is also available on Facebook, so you can make a difference without even leaving the site.

Another cool feature of the Facebook app is that you can see where you stand in comparison to any friends who are participating. I was a little surprised to find that despite my 25 green acts, I was still in second place behind one of my friends. Time to step it up!

Join me on Facebook and use the OMAOG Facebook app so we can push each other to do more!

Disclosure: Rockfish Interactive, in partnership with Cisco, has compensated me for my time on this campaign. All opinions and thoughts are my own, as always. For more information, please read my disclosure policy. See what the other green bloggers have to say: Sommer from Green and Clean Mom, Lisa at Condo Blues and Amy at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. (sponsored opp)

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