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Create-a-Light: Bendant Lamp is a Hands-On Assignment

Bendant Lamp by Mio Culture

Bendant Lamp by Mio Culture - flat

If you are a hands-on decorator who loves the idea of creating affordable, custom pieces that are a true reflection of your style, you are the customer Mio Culture had in mind when they created this product. The Bendant Lamps lets you do the designing. It is a funky fixture comprised of a series of bendable leaf-life pieces connected at the center. Bend the shades up or down to create a finished fixture that is uniquely you.

The lamp is delivered flat, as shown above left, reducing both the materials needed to create it as well as the amount of packaging needed. It is also available in three color options: white, silver and lemon (shown). That makes it an automatic win in my book.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of recycled content steel
  • Material-efficient flat design limits waste during production and requires less packaging
  • Uses an eco-friendly, low-toxin powder coated finish
  • Uses energy-efficient CFLs, one of which is included
  • Made in the U.S. (making it green for domestic buyers)

Price: $175 (aff)

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