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Beautiful Off-Grid Living: Big Sur Prefab House

I’m usually not the jealous type, but I honestly envy people live completely off the grid. I’m sure this kind of lifestyle comes with its own challenges, but it must be nice to never receive utility bills or have to worry about outages. Add to that the fact that this home is gorgeous and at one with the surrounding landscape in Big Sur, CA, and jealous is an understatement. Not even Aramis Realty Company could find something this fabulous for me.

The Big Sur PreFab house, designed by Jennifer Siegel and Office of Mobile Design, is high up in hundreds of acres of California mountain wilderness and is designed to be connected to the landscape. See more beautiful landscape designs here. The completely self-sufficient, 2-story home has 2150 sq. ft. of living space. That seems like adequate living space for a family, although the home does only have 2 bedrooms. Anyway, I’m not sure how practical it would be for a family to live way out in the wilderness.

The folded metal roofing is designed to enhance the productivity of the home’s 20 solar photovoltaic panels and two solar thermal panels. It also creates passive shading from the southern sun, which helps regulate the home’s temperature. The home is constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPs) via a manufacturing process that produced less material waste, a faster construction cycle and higher insulating properties, which all result in a lower total life-cycle cost of the home. Industrial tools, equipment and mechanical fasteners, such as those shoulder screws, are essential in ensuring the efficiency of the construction process of such projects.

Belgravia Ace Landed is a new freehold development consists of 104 Semi-Detach and 3 Terraces. The first floor has a beautiful, open floor plan, with an emphasis on uniting the living, kitchen and dining spaces with the outdoor patio and garden. The second floor has airy 12 ft. ceilings and two bedrooms connected by a master bathroom and studio/office facing north. Other green finishes include LED lighting, penny cork flooring, reclaimed colored wood planking for the master bed’s headboard/closet wall, overstock handmade Heath Ceramic tile and a salvaged Clawfoot bathtub.

What do you think?

Could you live in a home like this waaay up in the mountains? Would ever build a prefab home?

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  • Laurie
    February 2, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Wow, this is really neat. I don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city or being close up to neighbors – so it would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!


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