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Now You See It…: Bamboo Storage Table

Bamboo Storage Table

Bamboo Storage Table

When you have children, you become skilled at finding places to put things. Sure, there’s a toybox in their bedroom. But without fail, toys, video games, stuffed animals and more will find their way to the living room and likely end up on the floor. Ever had an unexpected guest in the middle of a Saturday afternoon mess? It can be a mad scramble trying to find a place to stash all the kids’ junk. Yes, you can make them clean up after themselves, but no matter what you try, there will always be that little pile of stuff you just can’t seem to escape. So what is a style-savvy, green parent to do?

Storage furniture is one of my favorite solutions. I figure, if I’m going to buy an ottoman, I better be able to open it up and use the otherwise wasted space inside. But when you use tables for storage, the clutter usually winds up on top in plain sight. This sleek bamboo bench not only gives you a home for your unshakable living room clutter — it lets you hide it.

This lightweight table has a lid that lifts off to reveal an abundance of storage space inside. Use it for the throw blanket you only use occassionally or an accent pillow that’s taking up too much space on a chair when you have guests. Or if you’re like me, use it for your kids’ favorite books or toys. You know — the ones they read and play with over and over and over again. It’ll save your sanity if you don’t have to keep reminding them to take it back to their room, and it’ll give you an extra dose of sustainable style.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of bamboo

Price: $145

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