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Great Green Workspace: Legaré Signature Straight Desk

Legare 60\

Legare 60\

There are lots of ways to green your home office, including going paperless as much as possible and turning your computer completely off when it’s not in use. Of course if you already have office furniture, there’s no need to get rid of it in favor of something more eco-friendly unless there’s a viable reason (ie. it’s too small, too big, not functional, falling apart, etc.) But if you’re in the market, you will love this affordable, eco-friendly desk by Legaré.

The 60″ Straight Desk is the furniture makers largest, and there is ample work space, along with 12″ wide shelves on both sides for storage.  And if for some reason it isn’t large enough, there are many add-ons to make it bigger and more functional. You can add peninsulas, bridges and extensions on the ends, a hutch, a side shelf for a computer tower and more. And I know some of you are wondering if it comes assembled. It doesn’t, but here’s what’s unique: No tools are required. In fact, all furniture by Legaré feature no-tools assembly, so feel free to check out all your other options if this won’t work for you.

And to make your life easier, you can watch an assembly demonstration video and use the company’s room planner to make sure you get it just right.

Why It’s Green:

  • Uses FSC-certified Baltic Birch plywoods
  • It’s a long story, but essentially, it takes a lot less wood to make plywood than hardwood. There is virtually no waste in the production process. Read it in Legaré’s own words.
  • Legaré furniture an be assembled and re-assembled without using hardware, tools or adhesives

Price: $279-309

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