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Spice up Your Bathroom: Spa-Quality Teak Products from Verde Lifestyles

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of having guests for the holidays always sends me scrambling to make sure my home is in tip-top shape. That’s not to say it isn’t in good shape all the time. Just that having guests makes you take a second look at things and rooms that normally wouldn’t get much attention — like the bathroom.

I fully admit that beyond our choice of shower curtain and an inexpensive picture on the wall, we didn’t give our bathroom a whole lot of thought. The room is very small, and I always wonder how we can best use the space to make it more functional and stylish. This is especially true around the holidays with the prospects of guests and their additional towels and personal care products. The teak towel ladder shown above from Verde Lifestyles is a great solution. It can accommodate a bunch of extra towels, and the shelf can hold soap dishes and more. Plus, it would be a great replacement for our over-the-door towel rack, which is both an eyesore and an obstruction when we’re trying to get into our closet.

If you really want to make your bathroom feel like a spa, add a teak spa mat for when you step out of the shower and bath bar for long baths. I can just imagine relaxing in the tub with a book, a cup of tea and a fragrant soy candle. If you have a little extra space, a matching wall shelf and spa stool also are available. Roll up a few towels for your guests, and it’ll look like you made a lot more effort than you really did 🙂

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of fast-growing, farmed teak regulated by the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand.
  • Finished with all natural, non-toxic teak oil
  • Hand-carved and finished, so each product is unique

Price: $57.75-162.75

(sponsored post): This post is sponsored by Verde Lifestyles. As always, all opinions are my own.

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