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Fragrant Air: Pacifica Soy Candles

Pacifica Candles - Mediterranean Fig

Pacifica Candles - Caribbean Sugar Pumpkin

I can’t say enough about the power of candles to not only make your home smell good, but to set a mood and create an atmosphere that is warm and cozy, even without a fireplace. There’s something about candlelight that makes you want to snuggle up with a blanket in your favorite chair, and if your candles are made of soy too…well, that just gives you something extra to smile about.

These Pacifica Soy Candles will undoubtedly stimulate your senses. With names like Caribbean Sugar Pumpkin, shown above, and Zanzibar Cinnamon Almond, how can you resist?  All of Pacifica’s candles are hand-poured with vegetable-based soy wax and use lead-free cotton wicks. Their fragrant smells come from natural essences and essential oils.

So take a cue from the pros (at least on TV): if there’s a room in your home that doesn’t look quite “finished”, add a few lit candles, perhaps in a group, to make your space look cozy and lived-in. And you’ll be table to tell your friends you know what “Tuscan Blood Orange” smells like.

Why it’s Green:

  • Hand-poured using vegetable-based soy wax
  • Use lead-free cotton wicks
  • Fragrances come from natural essences and essential oils

Price: $4.95-19.95

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