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Wine & Dine: Simple Cork Trivet

Recycled Cork Trivet

I’ve never been much of a wine drinker, but I’m sure that all the wine enthusiasts out there will get a kick out of this. There are lots of uses for cork, and I have seen some creative ways to recycle them, but this is by far one of the simplest and, ultimately, most striking I’ve ever found.

This unique trivet is made simply by grouping a bunch of used wine corks into a circle and securing them. My guess is that a little dab of glue is used to keep them from slipping out of place. This would be a pretty easy DIY project if you have a bunch of corks lying around and haven’t been able to figure out what to do with them. But if you don’t, at $7, this would make a great, inexpensive, green gift for yourself or your favorite wine lover.

And, ever the decorator, I have a great idea to repurpose this. If you don’t want to use it for your hot pots, you can always hang it on the wall as a unique piece of art with little extra effort. The spaces between the corks can act as a built-in hanging hook. Just hammer in a nail or use a sturdy thumb tack and hang it right up. Again, at this price, you really won’t lose no matter how you choose to use it.

Why It’s Green:

  • Reuses wine corks that would otherwise be discarded

Price: $7 (I love!)

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  • Lakelandmom
    July 14, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Truly useful. I’m all about practical gifts. I’ll be hounding my wine drinking friends for their corks. Won’t they be surprised when they get this gift back? Thanks.


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