Rooms in a Box Series

Green Rooms in a Box Series: Simple, Stylish Dining Room Under $2500

Green Rooms in a Box Series

Green Rooms in a Box series: Dining Room Under $2500

Being on a budget is no reason to sacrifice elegance and sophistication. This eco-friendly dining room doesn’t sacrifice style or quality — its a room you’d be happy to have your next dinner party in.

  1. Teak Flatware | $189 (set of 4) | Made of sustainably harvested, plantation-grown teak and stainless steel (aff)
  2. The Soi Co. Goddess Candle | $15/ea., $60 for 4 | Made of 100% soy | Grouped candles are a great way to add ambience to a dining room. Put them on a small wall shelf, or line them up on your sideboard. Either way, they will add soft lighting and make an impact in your room (aff)
  3. Hand-woven Placemats, Lime | $27 (set of 4) | Hand-woven from sustainable Romblon and made by a family cooperative that uses only low-impact dyes to obtain the color (aff)
  4. Oceana Seaglass Dinnerware | Square Plates (set of 4) $189, Wave Plates (set of 4), $189, Triangle Plates – Lime (set of 4 ), $119; Total: $497 | Made of recycled glass and can be used as an alternative to disposable plates
  5. YOLO Colorhouse Paint | $37, $74 for 2 | Color: Air.06 (light gray) | Contains zero VOCs and Green Seal certified
  6. Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant Lamp | $129 | Handmade of natural, sustainable capiz shells
  7. Hemp Dinner Napkins | $25 (set of 4) | Made of hemp and colored with low-impact dyes.
  8. Acacia Thick Wood Mirror from | $29.95 | Made of sustainable acacia wood
  9. Orchid Dining Bamboo Table, 60″, espresso | $500 | Made of bamboo
  10. Orchid Chair, espresso | $200, $800 for 4 | Made of bamboo
  11. FLOR Rug, 5 x 8 | $99.80 | Tiles Used: Subtle Shift, Seafoam (4), $19.96, Subtle Shift, Beige (2), $9.98, Subtle Shift, Green (14) $69.86 | Made of recycled materials and recyclable | I am a big fan of FLOR rugs in the dining room for 2 reasons: they can be washed replaced one tile at a time if the are ever soiled, and they are recyclable, so you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of one.

TOTAL: $2430.75


Orchid Sideboard, espresso | $700 | Made of bamboo | A sideboard or buffet table is definitely not a dining room necessity, particularly when on a budget. But though you can have a perfectly complete room without one, it is a nice piece to own. It makes dinner easier when you don’t have to trek back and forth between the kitchen and dining room — you can have your food right at your side.

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  • Michelle
    July 22, 2008 at 6:13 am

    You have a very nice blog! I have recently replaced most of my contemporary furniture in my online store with green furniture from Padama’s Plantation. It really is beautiful furniture.


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