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Nature at its Prettiest: Botanica rug by Selina Rose

Botanica Rug by Selina Rose

Have you ever stumbled across a designer’s work and instantly felt like they “got” you?  I mean literally like they stepped inside your mind, took a look around, took notes, then created products that resonate with you like nothing you’ve ever seen before? If you haven’t, its an awe-inspiring experience. Selina Rose did that for me earlier this week.

Her felt creations are stylish, whimsical and imaginative, just like me (or at least I like to think so 🙂 )  I particularly fell in love with the beautiful Botanica rug shown above, featuring a series of leaf, bird and butterfly cutouts.  At 120cm across, or a little less than 4 feet, I wish it were a little larger for the price, but we can’t have it all. At this size and color, its perfect to accent a seating area in a little girl’s room. That is, if the price tag doesn’t scare you off first.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 100% natural wool felt

Price: £450 or about $895

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