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Stylish for a Change: Case Group Changing Table

Case Group Changing Table

When I was shopping for my daughter’s nursery, a lot of people told me I wouldn’t need a changing table. “You’ll never use it, and you’ll have a buy a dresser later anyway,” they told me.  Well, they were wrong. The changing table was the single most used piece of furniture in her nursery. It was easier for me to change her when I had all the necessities at hand instead of trudging around the house trying to find everything when she needed to be changed.

I would’ve been in heaven if my changing table had looked like this. The Case Group Changing Table from the Netto Collection is simple, minimal and completely stylish. And I’ve never bought the idea that these pieces will outlive their usefulness. These cabinets look like years of sophisticated storage, if you ask me.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of sustainably harvested, FSC-certified wood
  • Meeting the stringent European “E1” toxicity standards, meaning that all the finishes are non-toxic and non-VOC emitting
  • Safety certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA)

Price: $1900

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