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Have Your Candy & Sit On It Too: Ecoist Snowjob Chair

You may already be familiar with Ecoist, a green brand well known for its handbags, all made of upcycled candy wrappers, chip bags and other packaging. With their new Snowjob chair, they have taken the same concept to the next level!

The chair, designed by Emiliano Godoy, has a frame made of FSC-certified wood and features a vegetable based, biodegradable finish. A cover, woven of small pieces of post-industrial waste from the candy wrapping industry, then slips over the frame to create the Ecoist handbag look many people know so well (bags are shown below).

The company collects candy labels that are misprinted or feature incorrect or obsolete information, and cuts them into small sections. The labels are then folded into rectangular pieces and joined to create the cover. Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder how sturdy a chair made of candy wrappers could be. Thankfully, Ecoist adds internal reinforcement made from post-consumer recycled paper to add rigidity, so it should be safe for sitting.

The price isn’t quite as attractive as the chair itself, but if I had unlimited money at my disposal, I could easily see 6 of these around a tulip table in a minimalist, modern dining room.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of FSC-certified wood with a vegetable based, biodegradable finish
  • Cover made of upcycled candy wrappers
  • Made by hand with simple tools

Price: $1800

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