Sunday Link Love: Cool Green Tips & Better Buys

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Sunday Link Love

For your reading and shopping pleasure, here are this week’s awesome links:

From the Blogosphere:

Shopping Finds, Deals and Giveaways:

  • CommonThreadz: T-Shirts, Volunteer Travel, Charity for Children: If you’re going to shop for organic cotton clothing, it may as well be for a good cause.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Great organic kids and baby clothes
  • Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags: I have no idea if these bags are made from used or discarded seatbelts, but I fell in love with them anyway. And if nothing else, the idea for the bags struck when the owners of the company were installing seatbelts in their car. They made a matching purse from the remnants.
  • Remember those Get Green Back to School supply kits I linked to last week in Link Love? Well you can win one courtesy of Green & Clean Mom.
  • Discount and free shipping from Curly Monkey (via sage and savvy): Their clothes are all made of 100% certified organic cotton.  Free shipping on up to 2 articles with code SHIP08 (can’t be combined with other offers.) 10% off wholesale orders with code WHO08 (minimum 24 pieces and can’t be combined with other offers)
  • Fashion & Earth: With a name like that, who wouldn’t be intrigued?  They sell organic and fair trade apparel and the line debuts in September. But if you sign up for exclusive discounts now, you’ll get 20% off your first purchase. Awesome!


  • Ideal Bite: Every once in a while, I like to remind my readers about Ideal Bite: It is a great online service that sends daily email tips for living “light green” life. In other words, they don’t require you to go around hugging trees or wearing dresses made of old potato sacks. They are practical tips that even those who aren’t very open to the idea of green living can implement. They are convenient and super easy to do, so if you need a reminder of how easy it can be to go green, sign up for Ideal Bite.
  • I’m sure many of you either already use hugg or have at least heard of it. But did you know it is all green news? Think of it as a Digg for green stories.

From Green Your Decor:

  • The Green Rooms in a Box Series has come to a scheduled close, but because it was so well-received, I have decided to make it a bi-weekly feature on Wednesdays. Want to hear the best part?  I’ll let you, wonderful readers, vote on which room and budget I will work with each time!  So look out for a poll sometime soon so you can get in on the Green Rooms in a Box fever!
  • The entry period has ended for the Way Basics recycled paper furniture giveaway and a winner will be posted this coming week. But you can still enter to win eco-designer Kelly LaPlante’s new book, ecologique, and be on the lookout for more great green giveaways in the near future.
  • Want to make sure you don’t miss any great green products or projects? If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Green Your Decor via RSS or email newsletter!
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