Patio Perfection: FSC-Certified Wood Furniture from Jensen Leisure

We’re fortunate to live in Georgia, where consistently warm weather returns much sooner than it does in locations further north. As often happens around this time of year, I’m itching to spend more time outside. The gorgeous, FSC-certified outdoor furniture from Jensen Leisure makes that desire even more prominent. In fact, they also make me wish we owned a home worthy of such beautiful pieces.

See for yourself:

These look like the type of pieces you’d see at a high-end tropical resort.

Why It’s Green:

Price: I have no idea how much these cost, but if the quality is as great as their website implies, I don’t expect these pieces to be cheap. You can use Jensen’s store locator to find sellers near you.

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  • Nichole
    April 10, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Gorgeous furniture. I love your blog by the way. Great style with bright, beautiful colors.


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