My Dyson Lets Me Do Sooo Many Jobs!

So remember that nifty little Dyson DC35 vacuum I received a while back? You may have noticed that I never wrote my final post about how it’s been to use it. That’s with good reason. It died on me. I charged the thing for a full 2 days and tried to turn it on. Nothing happened. So I let it charge for a few more days. Same problem. I notified Walmart and Dyson that the machine had stopped working, and they were happy to provide me with a new one. More than that, they asked me to ship the first machine back to them so they could figure out what went wrong. So this post is a long time coming because I had to wait for the new vacuum to arrive.

In spite of this mishap, I’m still a fan of the DC35. Dyson was very responsive in getting me a new one, and I’ve been using it regularly. In fact, Dyson challenged us to see how many tasks we could come up with for using the vacuum, and I’ve discovered quite a few:

  • Clean the seats of our dining chairs
  • Clean between the cushions on our sectional. They are attached, so stuff always gets trapped there with no easy way to get it out.
  • Clean the windowsills and miniblinds throughout the apartment.
  • Vacuum the floor in front of the main door to the apartment, which is a solid surface rather than carpet.
  • Vaccuum cobwebs from corners.

But by far my favorite task that the DC35 has allowed me to do that no other vacuum I’ve owned has been able to do is cleaning out the car. I hate going to the car wash just to use their industrial-sized vacuums. For $1 or more in quarters, you get a few short minutes to clean the entire interior of your car. It’s often not enough time to do a thorough job. We have a 14-year-old car and a 5-year-old child, so the back seat always has crumbs and miscellaneous stuff that gets behind her booster seat and all over the back seat. The DC35 is wonderfully portable, and I was easily able to switch attachments depending on the job at hand. I used the long end attachment to get between the seats, the brush attachments for the seats themselves, and the floor attachment for the floors of the car. And because I have 15 minutes of battery power, I was able to take my time and do a thorough job to make sure the car is fully clean. I could never do that with my full-size vacuum.

Over the past few weeks of using the DC35, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by its versatility and how quickly it recharges after use. I didn’t plan to use it so much, but it’s already replaced my full size machine, and I see no reason to use that behemoth unless my husband and I are cleaning at the same time. I never imagined I could use it to clean my whole house, but I have done that and more. I’m officially a cordless convert.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart and Dyson have provided me with a Dyson DC35 Digital Slim vacuum to review and compensation for my time. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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