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Our New Dining Table & Plans for the Room

Years ago, when my husband and I bought our first real “grown-up” furniture from Rooms to Go, we didn’t know enough to buy pieces that would last. We just wanted furniture that would fit our taste (at the time) and budget. So it’s no wonder that years later, the only piece that’s left is our red sectional. Because when we were preparing to move, our dining table went kaput. Literally.

As my husband was turning it over to remove the legs, he heard a loud crack and the legs buckled. One of them had irreparably split right where it screwed into the table top. Not wanting to just throw it out, we donated it to Goodwill and set out to find new dining tables in dining room furniture shops. Craigslist was the first place I looked, but it was tough to find a modern-ish table (many were super traditional) in dark wood that we could actually afford. Same for the consignment and thrift stores.

After a few weeks of eating on the sofa, I was more than a little frustrated. In a fit of desperation, I stopped at an Aaron’s store that happened to be next to the Salvation Army thrift store. You know Aaron’s — one of those places where you can rent furniture rather than buying it outright. I NEVER thought I’d actually find something I wanted. And I had no intention of renting furniture. But sometimes, fate works things out a lot different than we expect.

Not only did I find the perfect table, with a bench like we’ve been wanting for a long time. The table is also made of eco-friendly mango wood. How’s that for destiny? And it is made doubly sustainable because it is used. But I still didn’t want to rent, and the table was a little over our budget. Rented furniture always costs more in the long run because of the ridiculously high interest payments. And we were planning to actually keep the table for good. We did consider getting a table top protector to protect the wood but we figured it might hide the quality of the table.

Come to find out we could “rent” the table, interest-free, for 120 days. So as long as we pay off the full sale price in 4 months, we’ll pay no interest. PLUS, they deliver, so we didn’t have to rent a UHaul or walk a heavy table up to our third-floor apartment. And even better, we got a nice discount because we specifically requested the used floor model. Score!

Of course, our new table looked a little lonely, so we were inspired to make over the rest of the room as well. Our inspiration? The FLOR rug I mentioned in last week’s post. In the photo above, you’ll see some paint samples we tested on the wall, and a gorgeous piece of art that I found on clearance that will really work well in the room.

Does that help you guess which FLOR rug I chose? Well come on then! Get your guess on and win a fabulous surprise prize!

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  • Amy
    July 15, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I like the paint on the right. I personally feel the paint on the left would feel too primary and childlike, the one on the right has slighly grayer tones, more sophistocated. Remember, blues and grays dull the appetite and reds excite the appetite, so if you go with the blue tones you’ll want to try some accessories in reds. So did you get the Reoriented rug? I love that one. I was just looking at a rug on Craigslist that would be great under my dining table, but it’s $300 even on CL… I’ll look at the FLOR rugs now. What I really need is a new buffet/hutch, because the “cheap furniture” I got when we were younger isn’t nearly the right piece- it’s too small and the wrong color laminate (it’s not even wood, it’s from Target).


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