Green Room in a Box: A New, Clean Bedroom

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I have planned a lot of bedrooms over the past few years — all decked out in beautiful, eco-friendly furniture, bedding and accessories. But with each of those rooms, I overlooked what should have been the most important building block of any truly functional bedroom — the bed.  No matter  how beautiful, for a bedroom to provide the respite for which it is designed, the bed has to be comfortable. In our previous master bedroom, we achieved aesthetic beauty, but my husband and I were waking up morning after morning with stiffness and pain because we needed a new bed.

This asymmetry between the way the room looked and the way it functioned made me seriously rethink the way I plan a bedroom. So I have partnered with The Clean Bedroom to rebuild my master bedroom from the ground up — starting with our sleep surface.

About the Sponsor

The Clean Bedroom is exactly what its name implies: an eco-friendly online retailer designed to help you clean your bedroom of harmful chemicals and toxins by providing all the building blocks: organic and natural latex mattresses and foundations, organic bedding, pillows and robes, sustainable furniture, air cleaning systems and more. You’ll find proven green brands in their store, including Savvy Rest, Natura, Naturepedic, Coyuchi, Pacific Rim and Green Sleep, among others. They researched each brands, in many cases visiting their factories to inspect materials and production quality. All of this means that what you get is truly green — not greenwashed.

Featured Products

Oyasumi (oh-ya-su-mi) Natural Latex Organic Mattress by Naturally Organic, a Clean Bedroom exclusive | Queen: $3086 | This all-natural latex organic mattress can be customized with medium or firm latex cores. Each partner selects the comfort core on their side of the bed, or the mattress can be configured the same on both sides. The outer cover features a stretch knit organic cotton fabric, and organic wool is quilted beneath providing additional pressure relief and temperature regulation.

The Clean Bedroom 300-thread count Organic Sheet Set | $100-185 | Made in Thailand of undyed SKAL 100% certified organic cotton and shipped in biodegradable packaging (hemp and corn film).

Natura DreamMate Organic Pillow | $93-123 | The secret to the comfort of the Dream Pillow is found in the latex fill, which imitates the feel of down. It features a non-removable organic cotton cover, natural Talalay latex core and Natura Wool™ lining. It is designed to regulate temperature next to skin for healthy sleep,
provide proper head and neck support, and to be naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The St Louis organizations in the marginalized sectors of society – urban poor dwellers, farmers, fisherfolks, women and children – in building and strengthening community-based health programs

Naturally Organic Wool Comforters | $348-624 | These comforters are made of certified organic Argentinean wool with a 100% organic cotton cover. You can choose between two fill weights: Medium (fall) and Light (summer).

All of these products are designed to maximize comfort and air flow — the exact opposite of what our current, sagging 6-year-old mattress is doing.

So now that the important parts are taken care of, here’s what else we plan to use to fill out our master bedroom and make it the calming, relaxing retreat we’ve wanted it to be for so long:

  1. Sweet Pea Purple Vase, Large  |  $40  |  Made of hand-thrown porcelain
  2. Sunburst Mirror  |  DIY  |  Remember the mirror I made last year from bamboo skewers? It will have a new home (if I can convince my husband it won’t impale us in the middle of the night 🙂
  3. Cotton Canvas Printed Tortoise Window Panel | $34-49/ea. | Made of traditional cotton canvas (not organic, but better than synthetic fabrics like polyester)
  4. Upholstered Nailhead headboard  |  DIY  |  I plan to make this myself. Tutorial coming as soon as it’s complete.
  5. Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet Cover + Shams | $19-119 | Made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
  6. Peony Pillow  |  $149  | Made from hand-felted wool in Nepal, layers of soft, voluptuous peony petals blossom forth from this dazzling decorative accent (aff).
  7. Mid-century Dressers & Nightstands  |  $350  |  We found these on Craigslist just before we moved into our new apartment — a 6 drawer dresser, tall 5 drawer dresser (shown) and 2 nightstands. We needed to replace my and my husband’s dressers, and these 60-year-old beauties are perfect for us. They are made of solid wood that has already stood the test of time. All we did was replace the drawer pulls — some of which weren’t in great shape.
  8. FLOR Toe the Line Rug  | $8.99/tile  |  Made partially of recycled materials and fully recyclable.

Our hope is that all these changes, most specifically the bed, will improve our sleep and help us wake up without pain. We will report again once we receive the bed and again once we’ve slept with it for a while. Wish us luck!

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