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All that Glitters: Kong Chair by Emeco

Kong Chair by Emeco

They say all that glitters isn’t gold, and in this case “they” are right — all that glitters is aluminum. Every now and then, all women like something a little shiny. For some, its jewelry with sparkly diamonds (hopefully vintage or responsibly harvested). For me, its a shiny new piece of furniture. The shape of this awesome Kong chair by Emeco literally took my breath away. I saw a similarly shaped chair made of clear lucite in the last couple of days, but this? This is a keeper!

Designer Phillipe Starck created it for a Chinese restaurant in Paris, and I imagine they were very pleased with the results. I love the look of shiny aluminum, but if you’re not so partial to it, you can always get a powder-coated version. Powder coating is a zero-VOC process, and it is available in clear, transparent blue, transparent red, opague gloss white, or opague flat black. It is also available with or without arms.

Personally, I think a few of these babies would look great in my dining room. I’ve always wanted a round table, and these chairs would take it over the top. Of course, there’s always the buzz-killer of kids’ sticky fingers leaving fingerprints all over chairs that cost more than $1000 apiece. Oh well. Back to reality, Jennae.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of 80% recycled aluminum
  • For the powder-coated chairs, powder coating is a zero-VOC process

Price: $1,065—1,160

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