Green Steal of the Week: 60% off Kate Quinn Organics Textiles!

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I love Kate Quinn Organic clothes. It is my go-to brand for my daughter, because I know I can trust that the fabrics will be soft, comfy organic cotton and that the quality will be impeccable. Apparently, the folks over at Zulily feel the same way! This week, you can grab not just organic clothing for boys and girls, but also organic crib bedding, curtains, pillows and more for up to 60% off!

The colors and patterns are amazing and as appropriate for a grown-up space as they are for a nursery. The curtains are 84″ long, and if that’s not long enough, you can always add a strip of solid-colored fabric across the bottom. In any case, $45-47 a pair is a great deal for organic window treatments!

Why It’s Green:

  • Made in the U.S. of organic cotton
  • Fair Trade-certified

Price: $12.99-59.99

NOTE: If you’re not yet a member of Zulily, you’ll have to sign up to take advantage of this sale. Signing up is free. If you make a purchase after signing up via my link, I will receive a small site credit to shop at Zulily.

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