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The Three Rs, in Practice: Re Rugs

Re Rugs

When we think of recycling and reusing, it can be easy to take on a limited view of those practices. Do we recycle and reuse in our own households? Have we reduced our overall consumption? Hopefully for most of us, the answer is yes. But I also wonder whether the businesses I patronize and manufacturers of the products I buy are doing the same. It can be hard to tell when all you have to rely on is some cleverly crafted press releases. So its great to find a product that is proof that some manufacturers take the three Rs seriously.

These delicious Re Rugs are made of manufacturer’s unused carpet remnants, many of which are likely destined for the landfill otherwise. Those remnants are cut into great motifs like the flower pattern shown above. I’m not sure what the rugs are made of, but from the photo (and the price), it appears they are made of wool.  The upside is that they are ample area rugs that can be picked up and cleaned, unlike wall to wall carpet, which is better for your indoor air quality anyway.

Why It’s Green:

  • Made of manufacturer’s unused carpet remnants

Price: $2100

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