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Three Months of Great Sleep Does the Body Good

It’s been a little more than 3 months since my husband and I received our new organic mattress set from The Clean Bedroom, and oh, what wonderful months they have been. It’s hard to explain the difference in sleeping on an old lumpy innerspring mattress and a plush, natural latex one to someone who has never experienced it, but suffice it to say the difference is awesome. When I wrote the last post, I had only experienced the new bed for a few days. Now I have months of experience under my belt, and it has been all good!

You always hear in mattress commercials that innerspring mattresses put a lot of pressure on the body. Now that I’m no longer experiencing that pressure, I finally understand what they mean. With our spring mattress, I felt every twist, turn and shift throughout the night, and I often woke up multiple times and found it difficult to fall asleep again. Now, when I shift my position or body weight, I don’t feel it at all — at least not enough to wake me up. It feels like sinking into a plush pillow, and because of this, EVERY position is comfortable.

I used to be primarily a side sleeper. However, with the Oyasumi mattress set, I have found that it also has become comfortable to sleep on my stomach and back. My husband might disagree, though, since he still sleeps on his side most nights. But I know he agrees this is the best bed we’ve ever owned.

And the Natura DreamMate Organic Pillows? They are just as plump and well-shaped as they were on the day we opened the box. We can fold then, roll them up and bunch them as we sleep, and they still bounce back to their original shape. I can’t tell you how refreshing this is after years of sleeping on pillows that start out fluffy, but wind up flat as as pancake.

In three months, the only downside we’ve found to using this new mattress is that it is very heavy and hard to move. This isn’t ideal when changing sheets, particularly when I am doing it alone, but it’s not a huge problem for us. If I had to nitpick, I would also say that this bed does seem to keep our body temperatures hotter. This is especially noticeable when the heat is on in the apartment. However, we’ve learned to compensate for this by eliminating a flat sheet and sleeping with just a lightweight comforter.

All told, the pros of living with this mattress far outweigh the cons. The only time I wake up in pain is when I went to bed already sore from a full day at the computer or from an intense workout. And even then, the fact that I can comfortably shift positions during the night to find a a spot that will minimize my soreness means that I’ll usually wake up without pain, even if I went to bed with it.

I’d be a liar if I tried to give this bed a poor review. Really, we love it. It has made falling asleep a whole lot easier, and it’s made early morning wake-up calls particularly torturous, because we never want to get out of bed. We’re incredibly thankful to The Clean Bedroom for the opportunity to try it. It has made a world of difference for our sleep habits.

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  • WConklin
    December 6, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Interesting I have never heard of this type of bed before. Are they expensive?

  • Tiffany (NatureMom)
    December 7, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    Wow!!! I so want one! Sadly I think the price of a King would prevent such a purchase but I can always hope. I know exactly what you mean about feeling every twist and turn on a spring mattress. I don’t think I have had decent sleep in years.


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