Before and After

I’m not going to lie. Lately, doing projects around the house has been the last thing on my mind — particularly if said project is at all time consuming. Enter Walmart’s Projects Made Simple series. If you’ve never heard of it, the name is a very good descriptor. Projects Made Simple is a series of [...]

How long ago was it that I first talked about refinishing my daughter’s IKEA Malm dresser? It was sometime early this year, I think. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to it, and I LOVE the result! Pinterest has been the catalyst of a lot of projects around here lately. I can spend hours getting lost [...]

In spite of my husband’s request that we not paint this apartment, I just can’t help myself. The dining room was first on the list, and once I get the painting/decorating/prettifying bug, I can’t get rid of it. Luckily for me, Walmart recently asked the Walmart Moms to try Glidden’s newest offering: their no-VOC Brilliance [...]

I love blue. Really. It is officially my favorite among all the wall colors we’ve ever used. In turn, our finished dining room is my new favorite room. That could be because we haven’t really finished any other spaces in this apartment, but I think it’s because it really just turned out great. And I [...]

Years ago, when my husband and I bought our first real “grown-up” furniture from Rooms to Go, we didn’t know enough to buy pieces that would last. We just wanted furniture that would fit our taste (at the time) and budget. So it’s no wonder that years later, the only piece that’s left is our [...]