Green Christmas

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It’s that time of year again. We’re all making our lists and checking them twice. Or if you’re like me, three or four times after I check my budget. We’re finding gifts for the special people on our list, and hopefully, paying some attention to where and how they are made. Uncommon Goods has long [...]

You know those beautiful floral arrangements you see in model homes and high-end stores? Well, the closest I’d ever come to making one of them was trimming the stems on some monochromatic mums and placing them in a vase on my table. Pretty? Yes. Impressive? I think not. So when Walmart gave me a chance [...]

I’ve been a little lazy with my gift wrapping this year, and I’ve used more paper than I’d like. So for the rest of my wrapping, I’m determined to get creative and reuse gift bags, boxes, fabric and anything else I can find. Here are some of my favorite green gift wrapping ideas: Use boxes [...]

Walmart gives us moms a lot to do around the holidays, but this assignment is easily my favorite. We each get a $50 gift card that we can use to shop for food or toys to donate to charity. At Walmart, $50 goes a long way. Here’s what I was able to get for the [...]

Every year, my husband and I (ie. mostly me) pick a color scheme for our Christmas decor. This year, we chose turquoise and gold (with a tiny bit of lime green added for a little extra pizzazz). The problem? We owned exactly two ornaments in any of those colors. In years past, we have always [...]