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I have a habit of savings thing I “can eventually use.” Wine bottles, corks, cookie tins, strips of ribbon, plastic packaging components — you name it, and I have saved it, promising myself that I’d one day make use of it in some as yet unknown project. Well in honor of Earth Day (yesterday) and [...]

Every year, my husband and I (ie. mostly me) pick a color scheme for our Christmas decor. This year, we chose turquoise and gold (with a tiny bit of lime green added for a little extra pizzazz). The problem? We owned exactly two ornaments in any of those colors. In years past, we have always [...]

You may already be familiar with Ecoist, a green brand well known for its handbags, all made of upcycled candy wrappers, chip bags and other packaging. With their new Snowjob chair, they have taken the same concept to the next level! The chair, designed by Emiliano Godoy, has a frame made of FSC-certified wood and [...]

Around this time of year, I really start longing for warm weather to return permanently — even moreso this year because my husband and I spend early mornings with our daughter waiting for the school bus in the cold. The problem with Georgia is that the weather will trick you. It’ll be 63 degrees at [...]

When I was younger, I loved keeping a journal. Not necessarily because I needed a place to jot my most intimate thoughts, but simply because I loved writing. I would fill my journals with poems, short stories, recaps of my daily activities, lists of friends names, and more. I was an introspective thinker, and I [...]