My Home

The room in our apartment that we have the most trouble keeping clean and organized is, sadly, our master bedroom. The living room is straightened and de-cluttered pretty much every day, and I clean the kitchen daily too. But I guess since most of our time there is spent sleeping, we just don’t focus much [...]

I’m not going to lie. Lately, doing projects around the house has been the last thing on my mind — particularly if said project is at all time consuming. Enter Walmart’s Projects Made Simple series. If you’ve never heard of it, the name is a very good descriptor. Projects Made Simple is a series of [...]

Yes, this post title is a bit provocative, but no, I did not recently give birth. The baby which I’m referring is King, the yorkie we recently adopted: Want to learn more, or just see more pics of that gorgeous mug? Head over to Green & Gorgeous!

How long ago was it that I first talked about refinishing my daughter’s IKEA Malm dresser? It was sometime early this year, I think. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to it, and I LOVE the result! Pinterest has been the catalyst of a lot of projects around here lately. I can spend hours getting lost [...]

Slowly, but surely, I’m working on our office space. As I mentioned in the post about the curtains, it is the very first room you see as you walk in the front door, so I really want it to be beautiful. The color scheme is orange, blue, black and white. Clearly, my beloved green Steelcase [...]