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Need a gift that is useful and high on style, but easy on the planet? Green Your Decor has got you covered! Click the categories below to view more than 100 great, eco-friendly gift ideas in the Green Gift Guide!

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Note For Shoppers:

I am a true believe that consumers can make their voices heard simply by speaking with their pockets. First, shop only when necessary. Then, shop for products that are truly green in some way. And when it comes to gifts, shop for items that are thoughtful and that the recipient will love and actually use. There’s no point in giving a gift just because it’s green if the recipient will never use it. This Green Gift Guide will help you be a more conscious consumer and gift-giver, no matter who might be on your list, your father, your mother or grandma, or even a gamer brother which you can always get their gifts from lists as and add it a green gift on the side..

You should also think about making your home smart, if it’s not already. There are plenty of smart devices and most of them are controlled by a personal assistant like Amazon Echo.

Note For Marketers:

Eco Friendly Gifts are getting popular among companies for its sustainability efforts. Interested in having your product featured in the gift guide, or even doing a full sponsorship and takeover? Learn more about your advertising options, download a sponsor information kit and submit your sponsorship request now!

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