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Gifts for Anyone

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Looking for a gift for your neighbor or an in-law? Someone else you don’t know very well? You’ve come to the right place! There are gifts for every budget, listed in increasing order by price so you can decide how much you want to spend. The list will be updated as I find more unique, thoughtful gifts, so please check back.

NOTE: Many of these gifts are available at An Amazon Prime membership will get you free 2-day shipping, plus unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and free eBooks. Our Prime membership saves us tons of money all year, but particularly during the holidays when we do more online shopping. Plus, 2-day shipping is awesome and convenient. Get a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial now!


Night Owl Desk Calendars: $8-24

Most of us use the calendars on our various electronic devices to keep track of the date, but there’s something nostalgic about a desk calendar, and you can’t deny their usefulness. These cute options from Night Owl Paper Goods are printed on recycled cotton paper and sustainably-harvested birch wood pages, which makes them biodegradable and recyclable. They are mounted on a reusable jewel case stand and available in a variety of modern and whimsical prints. (aff)


Rubberwood Frame Collection: $8-29

Everyone can use beautiful, quality frames for their favorite photos and artwork. These have a sleek, contemporary style made of sustainably-grown plantation rubberwood. At the end of their rubber-producing life, the trees are harvested for wood rather than being burned. They black finish is water-based black and the mat boards are made from recycled paper. Fill one with a meaningful photo to make the gift even more special.


Nourish Organic Skin Care: $8-82

Anyone who care about going green will tell you that the things we put on our face and body are as important as the things we put in our body. Show them you get it by giving face and skin care goodies from Nourish Organic. All their products are USDA certified organic, and you can give individual items or a gift set. PLUS, you can get 25% off you order through Dec. 6 with coupon code CYBER25. (aff)

Recycled Paper Journal: $10-20

A journal is an awesome, thoughtful gift, even if the recipient is a person you don’t know very well. Make it even more thoughtful by giving a journal made with recycled paper. The covers of many journals, including the ones shown at left, are also made of recycled materials, from thick paper stock to leather. When giving as a gift, personalize it with a nice message from you on the first page. (aff)

Organic or Biodynamic Wine: $10-30

Wine is a go-to gift amongst friends and family members, and it’s a great gift for a hostess. Keep up the tradition, but opt instead for organic or biodynamic wine. All are not created equal — some are simply made from organically grown grapes, and some are kept organic throughout the process. In any case, your recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness. (aff)

I am Not a Paper Cup: $12.31

Reusable water bottles are SO last year! I’m kidding of course, because a water bottle is among the most useful gifts you can give. But you know that friend who buys 3 cups of coffee every day in a disposable styrofoam cup? Help them green their habit with this reusable, thermal porcelain mug. Pair it with a Starbucks gift card and they’ll get the message 🙂 (aff)

Ombre Handmade Drinking Glasses: $24.99

Need a gift for that person who has everything? Well, it’s unlikely they have anything like these gorgeous, handmade drinking glasses. Made of recycled glass with an ombre finish (ie. fading color), they are sure attention-getters at the dinner table. (aff)

Differently Clothing organic t-shirts: $25.99-28.99

Green living doesn’t have to come with dowdy clothes. Give them one of these tees and show them you can live green AND still look fly! The Eat Local and natural hair themed t-shirts are especially popular. Live Differently. Dress Differently. Disclosure: This is the t-shirt company I started with my husband. (aff)

Handmade Wool Gadget Cases: $28-98

As much as all of us spend on our cell phones, eReaders, tablets and laptops playing with Lightroom presets, we all need protective cases. But who says the case has to be purely functional? These handmade wool cases from Etsy shop Boutique ID feature awesome animal-inspired designs — including cats, wolves and elephants — for gadgets of all types. Click for more.

Sprout Eco-Friendly Watches: $30-75

Give the gift of time, literally. These eco-friendly watches are lead and phthalate free and feature 100% organic cotton straps, biodegradable cases and buckles, bamboo face plates, a glass cover rather than plastic and a mercury-free battery. Further, 80% of the packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials. (aff)

Kindle eBook Reader: $69-200

As a little girl, I was nothing if not a bookworm, and there are several kids in my family for whom I can say the same. If you want to encourage love of the written word in a modern age, a Kindle is a great gift. Thanks to technological advances, there are several options ranging in price from relatively affordable to less so, from basic to color with a touch screen. You can decide how much you’re willing to spend. (aff)


Sodastream Soda Maker: $80-180

You know this person. He knows that soda isn’t the best thing for him, but he can’t help but drink at least one a day. If his habit is really serious, it’s more like three to four a day. Help him make his soda habit a bit healthier by giving him a way to make his own in any flavors she likes, starting with nothing but water and without the waste of individual bottles and cans. (aff)


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